Our Team


Executive Team

  • David H. Salmon


    Attorney-mediator and entrepreneur, David is the founder and managing partner at Salmon Legal, a boutique law firm in Miami focused on early-stage and high growth ventures. He is a panelist at Salmon & Dulberg, one of Florida’s premier mediation firms, and a member of the National Academy of Distinguished Neutrals. David is also an active business consultant and angel investor, and the founder of several corporations, including a national digital and direct mail marketing company focused heavily on professional service providers in regulated industries."

  • Darren A. Lee


    Founder & Executive Director of the National Academy of Distinguished Neutrals (NADN), America’s foremost invite-only association for experienced civil mediators and arbitrators. Partnered with the national defense (DRI) and plaintiffs (AAJ) bar associations, NADN.org is the most widely trafficked free neutrals database in the world, allowing counsel and legal staff to search for ADR professionals by region, case expertise and many other criteria. NADN also standardized online appointment scheduling in 2004, encouraging members to publish easily managed available dates calendars. Over 30,000 law firms have scheduled in excess of half a million civil cases via the Academy’s database over the last decade.

  • Michelle Diamond

    Chief of Operations

    Michelle is an expert in both leadership and customer service. After majoring in Business Management at the University of Florida, Michelle went on to earn a dual master’s degree in Educational Leadership and Teaching and Learning. As a manager of a Walt Disney hotel, Michelle not only learned customer service from a world leader in the field but helped others to achieve excellence for themselves. With over a decade of experience in virtual education, Michelle knows how to create an environment that will promote effectiveness and efficiency throughout our company for its clients and staff.

Advisory Board Members

Lee Jay Berman

Los Angeles, CA

One of America’s most respected ADR trainers and mediation professionals, Lee Jay was recipient of the 2017 Distinguished Neutral of the Year Award and regularly mediates and arbitrates nationally.

Rob Daisley

Tampa, FL

A founding member of the original Florida Chapter of NADN , Rob is one of the state’s most in-demand mediators. Since starting this practice in the early 2000s, he has settled over 300 cases annually.

John W. Salmon

Miami, FL

Principal of Miami’s largest ADR panel firm, Salmon & Dulberg.A founding NADN member, John has mediated well over 3000 civil cases since forming the firm, enjoying a high settlement rate.

Chantal Daisley

Tampa, FL

One of the busiest case managers in Florida, Chantal has overseen administration of 4000+ cases. Chantal is advising on all operational matters, including development of our case software.

Shawn Aiken

Phoenix, AZ

Established as one of the Southwest's most respected neutrals, Shawn has mediated or arbitrated over 1000 disputes, including a wide array of large / complex commercial cases.

Joshua Rader

Miami, FL

Joshua “Josh” S. Rader is Partner of Assurance & Advisory Services at Appelrouth, Farah & Co. Josh advises on matters relating to corporate structure, taxes, fundraising and future expansion.