Full Practice Management


You Mediate. We Do The Rest.

The ultimate outsourcing solution for ADR professionals seeking to minimize time and overhead
spent on administrative tasks and maximize earnings over the coming years.

From Scheduling to Banking Checks - We've Got You Covered...

Free yourself of many hundreds of hours of administrative work each year by hiring a personal Case Manager & Bookkeeper, at less cost than the sum of these individual services. These additions to your virtual team will fit in seamlessly with your existing workflow, professionally dealing with counsel and staff by phone, email or video conference, both before and after the mediation. Our ADR Support practice management platform also allows these two staff to share relevant data in realtime, such as status of invoices, allowing greater oversight of your day-to-day business.

Client Management Platform
Prompt Email & Phone Support
Advanced Calendar Management
Expert Finance Staff
Outreach to Accounts Payable Staff
Quickbooks Cloud Platform

Beyond The Paperwork

Let Our Experts Help With EVERY Aspect Of Your Business. For Free.

Branding & Marketing

First impressions matter. If you don't present your practice professionally to prospective clients, particularly younger web-savvy attorneys, they'll go elsewhere. And as a result, whether you know it or not - you're missing out on thousands of dollars in future revenue. That's why from Day One we should discuss how you present your personal brand to clients, playing up your strengths in the marketplace. We can prepare everything you'll need: new corporate logo, business cards/letterheads, email signatures, branded invoice templates, etc. In addition, if you wish to assign a modest budget for ads in local Bar publications, or send out e-newsletters to your existing clients, our marketing staff will step in to help with all that.

Website Design

It almost goes without saying, but you NEED a website - your online presence matters now more than ever. But the one thing that's worse than having no website is having a dated site, perhaps created by a grandchild in the early 2000s that hasn't been updated for many years! In addition, have you installed SSL security certificates? Optimized your website for mobile devices like iPhones, iPads? Do you allow clients to schedule appointments online via calendar plugins like those provided by NADN? Whether you're starting from scratch with a new domain name purchase, or giving an old site a much-needed makeover, our web team will simply take over management of your website, helping you take your polished new brand online.

IT Support

One of the advantages of being with a large firm is that there's an IT guru running around making sure that everyone's software and hardware are running smoothly, offering technical support when things don't go to plan. The better IT staff also think ahead, exploring software solutions that might make life easier - from user-friendly cloud folders for document sharing to document signature apps for finalizing settlement agreements. When needed, our IT Support staff can remote into your computer and help install new software, apply software patches and troubleshoot problems. Also, if your network goes down at the last minute, we can even remotely host a Zoom mediation on your behalf, assuming you can still connect via smartphone!)

Practice Development & Coaching

If you're looking to grow your ADR practice in the coming years, we're keen to help - after all, it's in our mutual interest! On induction to ADR Support, we'll review your current business, making sure that best practices are in place to ensure high client retention and that your branding is professional. But the surest way to ensure growth is to free up more of your time and help you focus on networking and attracting new clients - and keep them coming back. Several times each year, we'll connect you via Zoom with industry veterans, experts and experienced ADR trainers, to make sure you're honing your core skills as a neutral as well as staying on the right track to achieve your personal business goals.

Full Administrative Workflow

Let your Case Manager and Bookkeeper take care of everything that happens before and after the mediation - all at significantly less expense than hiring and training your own staff, or working within a traditional law firm or ADR panel.

Case Manager Workflow

  • 1

    Answering Calls & Emails

  • 2

    Scheduling Appointments

  • 3

    Coordinating Locations

  • 4

    Document Preparation

  • 5


  • 6

    Sending Reminders

  • 7

    Court Filings & Notices

  • 8

    Post-Mediation Outreach

Bookkeeper Workflow

  • 9

    Invoicing Clients

  • 10

    Deposits & Bookkeeping

  • 11

    Chasing Payments

  • 12

    Client Communications

  • 13

    Quickbooks Reports

  • 14

    Monthly Cash Tranfers

Save 2%on combined Management Fees

plus enjoy added benefits of Full Practice Management!

Your Cashflow, Your Bank Accounts...

To enable seamless management of your receivables, we'll create an intermediary Radius Bank deposit account in your company's name, which you'll have sole signing authority for. This way, we can deposit mailed checks - as well as electronic payments - into this managed account. We'll then transfer your funds, minus our management fee, directly to your local bank twice monthly, providing you a detailed breakdown of recent collections.

Management Fees

Add an experienced full-time Case Manager & Bookkeeper to your practice, plus utilize our team of web, marketing and practice development experts - all at an unbeatably low cost...

Your Annual Billings Regular Management Fee NADN Member Mgt. Fee
Full Practice Management > $200K 19.0% See Calculator
> $300K 18.5% See Calculator
> $400K 18.0% See Calculator
> $500K 17.5% See Calculator

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