Case Managment


Everything But The Billings...

First impressions matter. Friendly, prompt and professional, your personal case manager will deal with all your client inquiries and case administration, up to the point of invoice generation - leaving you to manage your own billings and collections.

Our orientation team will meet with you to learn exactly how your current ADR practice works; greeting and scheduling preferences, court filing requirements, appointment reminders, cancellation policies, default start times, hourly rates, typical invoice splits, and much more. We'll ask you to send over sample letters, documents and templates, so we can incorporate those into your preferred case management workflow.

Over the course of just 3 orientation meetings via Zoom, we'll aim to make your transition to remote staffing quite painless! Your Case Manager will also have a local area-code phone number and an email address affiliated with your domain. We'll answer calls using your business name, so clients will simply assume these staff are in your office.

Client Management Platform
Prompt Email & Phone Support
Advanced Calendar Management

Case Management Workflow

Let us take all these time-consuming administrative tasks off your hands,
so you can focus your valuable time on billing more hours and growing your ADR practice.

  • 1

    Answering Phone calls & emails

    9 to 5, Monday to Friday, 52 weeks a year - timely responses to all client inquiries.

  • 2


    Your mediation calendar updated in realtime, with all case info a click away.

  • 3

    Coordinating Locations

    Zoom meeting, Your Office, Counsel's office, flexible space? We'll take care of it.

  • 4

    Document Preparation

    We produce all paperwork required for your mediation. Use your forms or ours.

  • 5

    Cancellation / Rescheduling

    We'll execute your cancellation policy, or update documents and recontact the clients.

  • 6

    Sending Reminders

    A few days out, we'll send emails to all relevant parties so it's top of their inbox.

  • 7

    Court Filings & Notices

    We'll prepare and file any relevant court documents or notices, as needed.

  • 8

    Post-Mediation Outreach

    Case manager confirms mediation outcome on the day, confirming billable hours.

Mediator personally manages all invoices, payment collection and banking.Our Case Management Fee payable monthly, against these billed hours.

Management Fees

Add an experienced full-time Case Manager to your practice - at an unbeatably low cost...

Your Annual Billings Standard Mgt. Fees NADN Member Mgt. Fees
Case Management Only > $200K 12.0% Contact For Rate
> $300K 11.5% Contact For Rate
> $400K 11.0% Contact For Rate
> $500K 10.5% Contact For Rate

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